About the Author

I’m Henar Hellow. I have an MA in International Relations from UCSD, with a focus on environmental policy and politics in Southeast Asia. I want to make a positive impact in the work I do, and I think data visualization and empathetic communication is the best way to do so.

This blog is a highlight of my projects and the progress I make in becoming a better researcher and analytical thinker.

I’ve been working as a researcher and data analyst for the past few years. The industries and sectors have changed, but the core of my work has centered around data analysis, qualitative research, and communicating my findings to people, helping them understand why the results matter and how it can be used to help them achieve their goals.

The things I’m passionate about include understanding how human activity is affecting different aspects of climate change, helping people understand how to engage data more effectively, and studying the impact of how policy and regime changes affects climate change and environmental degradation, especially in Southeast Asia.

I like to knit, read fantasy novels, and oil paint. I’m always learning something. I have a remarkable hodgepodge of information that is mostly useless day-to-day, but I imagine would be helpful at trivia night.

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